Up North Crazy Photography

Thank you for checking out my blog.  I plan on using it to highlight my photography shoots.  I own and operate Up North Crazy Photography in Oscoda, Michigan.  I have been doing photography seriously for the last 4 years.  I started with landscape and transitioned to photographing people.  As I got more and more into the people side of photography I found the need to have a studio.  Not only for shooting indoor photos, but a place for my clients to come.  I was lucky enough to move into my current location this September.  I am happy ensconced on Dwight Street next to Taits  Bill of Fare and across from the Office Lounge.  I meet with my clients here, shoot some of my sessions here and edit here.  I love this location and spend a lot of my time in the studio.  I am also a block away from Lake Huron and enjoy heading down there to catch a photo on occasion.

Before a shoot, I like to get to know my clients a little bit.  If time allows I like to sit down with them in my studio and find out a little bit about them.  I find that this initial meeting helps us have a successful shoot.  We already know a little bit about each other and when we get together for your photo shoot.  I think it goes much better when it isn’t my client first time meeting me.  That is why I offer a free engagement session with each of my wedding packages.  Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life.  It’s important to have someone who you trust and are comfortable capturing your wedding.

Speaking of weddings….Let me tell you a little bit about my wedding photography.  Over the last several years I have spent hours and hours reading, watching and learning about wedding photography.  I have also investing a lot of money in my equipment.  I have some really nice stuff and back ups for all of it.  I also have portable lighting so I can shoot in just about any condition and at any venue.  Most weddings will find my husband and very best assistant, Matt working with me.  We work well together and people tell us they really enjoy working with us.

Besides weddings I do newborns, children, families, seniors and events.  I even do pets!   My session fees are listed on my website.  There is a link to my galleries on the top left hand corner of my website if you would like to check out my work.

I believe in photographs.  I believe they are a very valuable memory.  I also believe in printing your photos.  Yes, I will sell you a USB of your session..but I want you to print your photos.  l work with some high quality professional printing companies to bring you memories that you can hang on your wall and look at everyday.  In my studio I have examples of all of the products that I sell.  I will be happy to talk to you about any of them.

I have worked very hard to call myself a photographer.  At times people will look at my work and tell me they wish they had a camera like mine.  Having a nice camera doesn’t make  you a good photographer anymore than having a microphone makes you a good singer.  Handwork, practice, study and trial and error make  you good at what you do.  I am not the least expensive photographer in town, but I promise you that you will be happy with the images you receive from me.  I strive to give you an experience and not just some photos on a disc.

I also believe in small business and in my town.  I have big plans to promote special groups and events with my photography.  I was just voted on the board of the Downtown Business Authority.  I also have another blog called “It’s All Good….In Oscoda” to promote positivity in my community.  When I am not working as a photographer, I am a nurse in the Tawas St. Joesph Hospital Emergency Room.  I am married to Matt, mother to Luke and stepmother to Jake and Matte.  I also have a collection of dogs and kitties at home.  I love to spend time with Matt having adventures and camping.   And I think it goes without saying that I love photography.

Feel free to call me or stop by my studio.  I look forward to an exciting 2017 and meeting you!


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