How To Beat The Winter Blues

After a whirlwind senior photo season and holiday photos,  January is very tame in comparison.  All of the beautiful snow that fell in our small Northern Michigan town of Oscoda disappeared as the temperatures rose.  Ice has been the reason for many days of no school.  Lately the temps have been above freezing.  There has been fog for several days straight and we haven’t seen the sunshine in what seems like weeks.  The Gloom seems never ending.  I wish we could get a little blanket of snow to make things pretty again.

I am lucky though.  I have had some absolutely adorable kids stop by for photos which has totally brighten my January days.  Meet Lila Rose.lila4-5626

I have been photographing this little beauty since she was a newborn.  She just celebrated her first birthday.lila4-5506Her big beautiful brown eyes and eyelashes make her a natural for black and white.lila4-5374Thank you Kate and Brian for bringing her by.

Gift certificates are always a great option. One Grandmother who received one for a Christmas gift brought her three sweet grandchildren in to be photographedmarkey-5001  This is Danica.  She has the prettiest blue eyes.

Markey-5132.jpgThis is Owen, Danica’s big brother.  A sweet boy with a sweet smile.


Obviously, Danica loves her brother.


This brown-eyed beauty is their cousin, Adeline.  She will be one in April.  She and her family were her for the holidays.


It’s never easy getting three kids to sit still for a photo, but we managed.  Their Grandmother just came to the studio to order prints of her favorites photos to hang in her home.


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