I Love Prints

kalianna-4016Valentines day is coming and what a better time to write about something I love.  I am a photographer so it goes without saying that I love photography and everything about it.  One of the things that makes me the happiest is the day that I arrive home to find a box waiting for me full of prints.  Now that I have a studio I have a lot of wall space to display favorite photos that I have taken of my clients.  I have a front window that I spend hours thinking about….deciding what will be next months theme and who’s photos will be displayed for all of the people who walk by to see.  On any day I see people stopping by and looking at the photographs and admiring all of the beautiful people in my photos that are displayed in my window.

Many times when I get a phone call asking about my services, the  most asked question is “do you give a disc?”  My heart sinks a little when they ask because I am going to say no, I don’t.  I know that answer may send them to another photographer who does.  I tell them I do offer a USB of the images if they would like to purchase them….(unless it is a wedding which is a different matter all together.)

I go on to tell them that I do sell prints and products and if they would like to come to my studio I would be happy to show them.   I have thought long and hard about this and want to share with you why I do business the way I do.

Prints are important.  Very important.  Are you old enough to remember the days of VHS and video cameras?   Those were big when my son was born.  We have many VHS tapes of his birth and when he was a child   However, in the last 23 years technology has come such a long way that we can now just take a video on our phone.  All those tapes are sitting in a box waiting for me to one day get them converted to a form that I can watch them on.  Luckily I took a lot of photos and put them in albums so I can look a those while I am waiting to get the VHS tapes converted.  That is why it is so important to print your photos.  What makes us think that our phones, with all of our precious photos on them are the end all to beat all in technology.  What if we lose it?   What if it falls in the water?  Have we backed them up?  Maybe on our computer.  But computers crash….I know.  It happened to me this summer.  But its my job to keep photos safe so I had most of them backed up.

I have talked to many people who have said that they have a disc of a photo session that is still in their drawer.  Today, I have a client coming to pick up a big beautiful box of photographs of her grandchildren.  She ordered them from me on Monday and she is picking them up today…Friday.  They will be on her wall this weekend.

I think the photos I take are priceless.  Precious babies, families, beautiful weddings.  I believe with my whole heart those memories should be on your wall and not in your drawer.  Here are a few more reasons.

Because your prints are for today, tomorrow and all the tomorrows after that.


Because prints remind us of what love really feels like


Because they’re only young once.


Because you put too much work into your family not to show them off.


Because you can touch and feel your memories.


Because your parents and Grandparents won’t be around forever.


Because a disc or USB doesn’t trigger a smile.


Here at Up North Crazy photography, in our full service studio, we love to sit down with you and discuss your options.  In addition to prints we sell canvas, metal prints and other products to get your photos in your hands and up on your walls.  Our products are reasonably priced.  An hour of your time after your session is edited is all it takes to get the photos from our camera and into your homes. You can also see and touch the products before you order.  It helps you visualize the size and how they will look.  We use professional labs and our prices are reasonable.  Call us!  We want you to love prints as much as we do.


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