I have always been envious of people who go places and take their dogs.  The ones that are sitting quietly in the passenger seat of the car as you pull in next to them at the grocery store.  They look at you, and if they could talk they would say “hey, how’s it going?”  I have three dogs (and I love each one of them very much) but they are all homebodies  They all freak out a little, or a lot (depending on which one your talking about) when you take them anyplace.  One even requires sedation for a car ride longer than 10 minutes.  I have also been wishing for a dog that could accompany me to my photography studio to keep me company during a long day of editing.  One that will hang out with me all day without batting an eye.  I have tried before to take my dogs to the studio with me and have been rewarded with giant piles of dog dookie in the corners because being away from home makes them nervous.  So I starting talking to my husband about my “dream dog.”  He reminded me that we really did not need another dog, and I agreed.  But it didn’t stop me from fantasizing  about that special canine that would be my best buddy and go everywhere with me.

After looking at Pet Finder for adoptable dogs in my area (just for fun of course) it became apparent that almost every dog in need of a home was some sort of Pit Bull mix.  Knowing people who had Pit Bulls and only having positive experiences with them, my dream dog evolved into my dream Pit Bull.  Even though my husband assured me we had enough dogs, I knew that someday I would stumble across just the right one and my dream dog would someday become a reality.

One Thursday morning, I was sitting in my favorite chair drinking coffee glancing at Facebook.  All of a sudden there she was….my dream come true.  Her name was Lulu and she was waiting for me at the Alcona Humane Society.  Lulu was a young Pit Bull Mix who was less than two years old and looking for her forever home.  The photo showed a beautiful white dog with brindle spots.  Peering from the screen of the computer were the bluest eyes I have ever seen and she was looking into my soul and begging me to come and take her home.  I announced to Matt that my dream dog had been located.  After telling me  one more time how we were set in the dog department, he said he imagined that I was going to look at her anyway and I assured him I was.  In fact, I told him, I was getting dressed and heading out.   His reply was “I’ll come with you.”

Of course it was love at first sight.  We went into a room to meet her and she immediately laid down so we could rub her belly.  We were told that she had already had two litters of puppies and was rescued out of that situation by someone who had brought her in.  She had recently been spayed. They told us her name was Lulu.  Lulu is now short for Louise.  Her middle name was chosen by my friend Kay after Louise in the Broadway musical Gypsy Rose.   Because we were going out of town that weekend we put a deposit on her and Lousie Gypsy Rose came home the following Monday.LuLu-4172Lulu walked into the house like she had lived there all her life.  Our other dogs accepted her quickly and the cats liked her from the first moment they saw her.  Me, I have fallen madly in love with her and she has become everything that I hoped my dream dog would be.  I knew some people would be put off by her breed.  I have actually had people cut wide path around us while we are walking down the sidewalk.  That is so surprising to me because to me Lulu is a dog.  A sweet, wonderful girl who just wants her belly rubbed.  LuLu-4170Lulu is a champion sleeper.  She loves nothing better than to lay in the sun that streams through the window at my studio in the afternoon.  She also loves to snuggle between my husband and I in our bed while we are watching our latest series on Netflix.  She also can snore like nobodies business.  It takes an act of God to pry her out of the bed when it is time for one more trip outside before heading to her crate for the night.  LuLu-4207Lulu is patient. She is now the dog in the passenger seat of the car waiting for me to come out of the store.  She will also let me put flowers on her head and pose for photos (as long as there is treats involved.)David-5388When she is with me at my photography studio, Lulu gets more visitors than I do.  Erika who owns NEM Technology across the hall comes to visit Lu everyday.  Erika’s son, Logan loves her too and comes over when he can to give her a hug and get some kisses. Larry stops by whenever he is in the neighborhood.   When I order lunch from Tait’s Bill of Fare which is next door to my studio, Kat, one of our favorite waitress will bring it over so she can see Lulu.  Kat also comes with a pocket full of treats so she is Lu’s favorite visitor.  She is also a frequent visitor at my friend Kay’s house and gets up on Kay’s ninety year old mothers lap.  LuLu-4163Lulu as a heart the size of Texas.  We have been together for less than a month and she loves me more than anybody.  She is warm and snuggly. She is as clumsy as an ox.  She snores really loud.  She tries everyday to eat everyone else food.  Her favorite pass times (in addition to sleeping) are looking out the window and chewing on her chew toys.  She has an aqua blue jacket that matches her eyes. She can clear the room when she passes gas.  She loves ice cubes and laying on the heat vents.  She is a Pit Bull.  She is perfect.LuLu-4235I love you Louise Gypsy Rose.  Thank you for making my dream come true.


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